Product analytics done right.

Before MetricsJar: Inconsistent coverage of product analytics. Difficult to make decisions with data that is not fully trustable. After MetricsJar: Features are always shipped with consistent analytics coverage. Easy to make clear decisions driven by trustworthy data.

Works with your existing analytics stack

No migration process needed

Goodbye spreadsheets 👋

Graduate from spreadsheets to a web-based collaborative dashboard to define and document your analytics events. Rely on a single source of truth to look up the meaning of events.

Fits nicely into your dev workflow 🤝

We automatically analyze your commits and submit pull requests for adding analytics code. Free your engineers from adding tracking code and let them focus on product code instead.

Ensure coverage and consistency 📋

Get alerted when analytics implementation is mistakenly removed or incorrectly implemented. Increase trust in your data and keep your funnels, segmentations and cohorts meaningful.

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