John Kueh
September 27, 2019

What's in the MVP?

A quick roadmap

I've been trying to look for an idea that enables me to 'scratch my own itch', and I have finally found it. I will build features in MetricsJar based on what I need to grow this project.

I spent the last few hours setting up this blog. I will be posting product updates and stories about life as a bootstrapped founder here. I love reading stories from other founders about juggling their life and running a startup.. so I want to share mine too! An important metric for this marketing channel will be number of page views and unique visits to this blog.

I hope that a number of readers of this blog will naturally be interested to find out about the product that I am working on. I want to track the number of people that visits the product home page, referred from this blog.

As the product is not ready for public beta, interested people will (hopefully) sign up for an early access list. This goes to MailChimp and the number of subscriber growth will be important to me.

I will be using our Twitter account as the primary channel of contact with users. This includes answering questions, providing support and getting feedback. I will be tracking the growth of Twitter followers and number of mentions/replies.

After choosing an initial batch of closed beta testers, I will be doing demos via Zoom and will be tracking the number of demos done per week in a Google Spreadsheet.

Based on the above, it looks like the initial version of MetricsJar will have the following integrations at launch:

  1. Google Analytics
  2. MailChimp
  3. Twitter
  4. Google Sheets (pull in value from a cell within a sheet)

Those integrations will provide the following metrics on the dashboard:

  1. Page views
  2. Unique visitors
  3. Email subscriber count
  4. Twitter follower count
  5. Twitter mentions
  6. Cell value from Google Sheets

Now let the writing of user stories begin 😂. I usually write these in a GitHub Project board. Its pretty good because I can link code commits to them. Best part, its free to use.

If you guys are interested, let me know @metricsjar and I can write the next post on how I create and prioritize user stories.

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