John Kueh
October 11, 2019

Monthly update for October 2019

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Hi there!

It's John. I am documenting the whole process of building an MVP for MetricsJar. It's an all-in-one dashboard to pull in and monitor your key business metrics.

I am currently working one day a week on it. The dream is to be able to work full time on it. Here's the first monthly update!

Product updates

  1. Completed signup, login, and logout - only sign up via email. Keeping it simple.

  2. Added the first data source - MailChimp! Total subscriber count is a metric important to me right now as I am collecting beta users, so I decided to add it first. Once connected, it automatically pulls in subscriber counts every hour.

    Connecting to a MailChimp account via OAuth2 using Passport.js
  3. Next up will be Twitter and Google Analytics.

  4. For those wondering - I am building the backend with AWS Lambda, DynamoDB via Serverless framework.

  5. After that, I will think about whether to support charts and graphs on the dashboard or stay with basic counts at launch.

  6. I bought a pack of icons and illustrations from (excellent deal) for spicing up the user interface.

Work/life updates

  1. Throughout the past few weeks, I have met up and demoed MetricsJar to investors, accelerator managers, product managers and startup founders.

  2. The advice I heard from YC podcasts saying how different the pitch to investors vs. customers is so real. From today, I will focus on talking to potential customers. Investors think about how the idea could be a huge business, while customers think about practical ways of using the tool immediately.

  3. Working on MetricsJar feels different from my other projects (in a good way!). I can relate to the problem, and this is a tool I want for my business. Because of this, I can kill unneeded / over-engineered features quickly.

  4. Working four days a week as a freelance software engineer and then nights and weekends on MetricsJar is tiring. I notice that my eating and exercising patterns fall to shit once my stress levels increases.

  5. I've enjoyed working from my WeWork office during a public holiday. No one else is at work, so there's no distractions!


These are metrics for last seven days as I've just launched the blog then.

📈 Blog reads - 116
📈 Landing page visits - 230
💌 Early access subscribes - 12
👉 Twitter followers - 4
🏃‍ Exercise - 3x 5km runs
🌮 Nutrition - 7 days of intermittent fasting

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